Coco (2017)

One evening we were having one of those blissful moments of texting – if you don't catch my drift we wonder how you got here – when she wrote, "You might want to watch Coco (clown face). Its an animation with a Spanish soundtrack... I think you'll like it." "I'll look it up!" "Please do! [...]

The Perfect Seat

Looking out the window you can notice the city taking its form, much like water coursing through a bent pipe. And if I had to encapsulate it for you: it is simply too beautiful in here to not write - I would never forgive myself.

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A kind soul

Annie almost gives her husband a depreciating look, not that he'd have noticed. He's tugged her gently and is already trodding off. I have to hold back my empath self from seeing inside of him; might be foul.

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Nice one!

Man, I loved to live in SoriAt least there it doesn't rain in patchesI mean, you never left town fleeing a drizzle, only to find there has been a downpour around your houseIt is a small place all rightAt the edge of a big lakeNam, where fishermen cast and trust each nightSometimes, in the morningsThere [...]

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Well, we got here…

I only wish there was the option where I'd simply gather all my audience, and chat them up, or do something like an introductory speech, at which I'd flop terribly... how not, with all the pauses I'd have to take, the initial 'speaker's block' (why, they have writer's block...), or even throwing fancy-words to cover my dumb up.

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