When you win a football match…

A young Syrian girl in a refugee camp in Jordan, at the end of one football session says, "You feel like you can accomplish anything when you win a football match


We shall see

"I like it, because it causes such people to greatly appreciate their country," she chipped in, with the demeanor of someone who had believed what they were saying.

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What A Week!

I have fleeting visions of empty fridges, and images on national TV from two years ago when parts of the country suffered unprecedented levels of famine. In that moment I know I have been really lucky; I have a gut feeling I could not have survived that. I even mumble a prayer

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Just Like That

I call my supervisor at the office. For a hat trick of reasons: she's news-savvy and will have me know what the heck is happening, I ought to notify her of my lateness or absenteeism (whichever materialises), and hopefully she'll tell me to go back home and play with the kid, which I probably won't do, and that she as well might leave work early today. It turns out the buses won't operate today since

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The Perfect Seat

Looking out the window you can notice the city taking its form, much like water coursing through a bent pipe. And if I had to encapsulate it for you: it is simply too beautiful in here to not write - I would never forgive myself.

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A kind soul

Annie almost gives her husband a depreciating look, not that he'd have noticed. He's tugged her gently and is already trodding off. I have to hold back my empath self from seeing inside of him; might be foul.

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