Today has been. Make that this week. Let's see: as of Wednesday morning I am eligibile for a diploma, I have dutifully followed the midweek UCL fixtures; finally met JS (the skeptic). This was the last time I washed my clothes, which makes today's laundry work quite the milestone. There's more. I got around to [...]

Man, that was hard to watch

I felt like that midway through the second half. Liverpool had just assumed their two goal cushion and were now turning the afternoon into a kickabout—albeit one between two far from evenly matched teams. More drama to the Arrizabasaga, Jorginho losing his 100% record from the spot; it couldn't be more eventful. There were benign [...]


I am wringing the duster for the umpteenth time when my sister chips in, "Gari no ne ler," and I have my anagnorisis. I agree, "Ma ne onyisa ni atim mana nikech ne abet oko ka." And I do not know why I have been singing Marley's "Slave Driver" the whole time. I want to [...]

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I find myself wondering if she read it. What she might think. Should she even? Then I'm thinking it's my implacable ego acting up all over again. Funny word, implacable; first encountered it reading some historian attempt to describe the enemied Vietnamese's perception of a belligerent USA. Today I read about Castro. Mostly since I'm [...]

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I did that

I make my first trip to the clothing line; I have already rinsed and wrung a total of nine items at this point. I guess it is meant to be one of those chores you dread having to do and which when you finally get around to, go about rather perfunctorily. Maybe not. Three of [...]

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I wrote this last night

I just decided that I'm going to try and breathe through my nose, always. I mean, this is how we are supposed to inhale after all. My problem is that I develop cold symptoms way too frequently. Family and friends know: I always have a cold. So my nose is constantly clogged and too often [...]

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So, the movie . . .

Or should I say your content? Dolor y Gloria. That's Spanish for "Pain and Glory". I was actually going to watch Atlantics yesterday afternoon, but I fortuitously played the file for this film, so I quickly decided I might as well let the Universe, you know. I figure now I had actually forgetten that title, [...]

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Min ot, ma in? Ma in e ma itin kawuono kama (hehe)? Yaye, ma an!  Ma koro an, Chieng'cha ne wang'eny (Ginyiero kanyakla) Mano waywa, chi (koso jaod) nerwa Obiro limowa Sori Oseko nyuolo nyargi mar ariyo mana machiegni Nyinge Leila O'Doris, Idende ni Obade (bang' dayo mochake) Kaka an idenda ni Ndati Chieng' moro [...]

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